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Ahhh! Smell that crisp air! Fall is upon us. And I, for one, could not be happier. By now you’ve seen the Pumpkin Spice everything in the stores. (They even have Pumpkin Spice m&ms now!) The trees are beginning to turn and there is a beautiful chill in the air reminding us of just how beautiful Prescott is when the seasons change.

With this being the time of year where we tend to think about our blessings and what we are thankful for, I’d like to issue a challenge to those reading. Uh oh! A challenge? Don’t worry, it’s an easy and fun challenge that will get you in the fall mood. 

I challenge you to do one (or more) things on this list below:  

1.  Volunteer at the Margaret T Morris Center

The Margatet T Morris center is a care service especially for those going through the stages of dementia. It is a wonderful place to bring some Thanksgiving cheer! If you call in and ask what their need is, they will work with you. Or you can stop by and ask to sing some songs to the folks there or play Bingo with them! The greatest gift you can give is your time.  

2. Pay it Forward at the Starbucks drive thru

When you’re in line or in the drive thru to get your Pumpkin Spice Latte, pay it forward and literally pay for the person behind you in line. Your kindness will be infectious!  

3. Volunteer with the Salvation Army

There are tons of ways you can volunteer with the Salvation Army! They give a big Community Thanksgiving Meal each year that needs plenty of volunteers. But remember, they need help all the time, not just on Thanksgiving!  

4. Try out one of these Fall recipes and take them to a neighbor

This one brings cheer into someone else’s life and helps your waistline! Have you wanted to try a new fall sweet recipe, but don’t want the guilt of eating it? Make it for your neighbor or a friend. They’ll love the gesture.  

5. Want to help out our animal friends?

Volunteer at the Heritage Park Zoo! They have plenty of opportunities where you can help and have a blast! Or you can volunteer at the Yavapai Humane Society. Take some of those cute puppies on a walk!  

6. Donate to the food bank

Whether you organize a collection with your family and friends or just clean out your pantry, this is a great time of year to donate. I don’t know about you, but I have quite a few cans I could donate!  

7. Help an elderly citizen with yard work

In Prescott, we have a large number of folks who are not physically able to keep up their yards as well as they used to. Ask your friends who they know who needs help! Many churches in the area have lists of people who could use a helping hand around the yard.  

8. Lastly, smile, hug, shake hands, and wave as much as possible!

Spread some joyful cheer by being friendly to everyone you meet. I challenge you to go a whole day without complaining or getting upset, but instead great the day (and everyone in it) with a smile. You’ll be glad you did!  

There are plenty of other ways to volunteer and spread goodwill this holiday season. What are some ways you like to give back or make someone’s day? If you are interested in other volunteer opportunities, go to and find something that’s right for you!

Prescott, AZ: Service Providers


City of Prescott- The City of Prescott provides water & sewer, trash and recycling services to homes and businesses within our service area.

Electricity provided by Arizona Public Service (APS), for more information call toll-free at (800) 253-9405

Solar Energy – The Arizona Solar Center is a non-profit organization promoting the use and utilization of solar energy in Arizona.

Natural gas by Unisource Energy Services, 877-837-4968

Land Line telecommunications, Qwest provides telephone connections in Prescott.  

Fire Department    

  • Fire protection is provided by the City of Prescott Fire    
  • Prescott enjoys a “Class 4” fire protection rating from the Insurance Service Office.

Police Department    

  • Prescott’s crime rate is one of the lowest per capita in the state.    
  • Enhanced 911 emergency service phone system in place.

Estimated emergency response time is five minutes or less to any part of the City.

Prescott AZ: Medical Care


Yavapai Regional Medical Center, is a full service facility as well as a drop-in urgent care facility.

 When medical needs dictate, such as serious head trauma, a helicopter is available to quickly transport victims to specialized facilities in Phoenix. YRMC is rated top 3 in Arizona for hip surgery. The James Family Heart provides World Class heart surgery.

Northern Arizona VA Health Care (pictured), provides inpatient and outpatient care at the Bob Stump VAMC in Prescott.

Prescott also offers specialized professionals including chiropractors, acupuncturist and naturopaths.

Dental Care: There are many well-qualified dentists and orthopedic surgeons in the area. You will even find a dental office catering exclusively to the special needs of children.

Prescott, AZ: Money Talk and Taxes

According to, the median property tax in Arizona is $1,356.00 per year for a home worth the median value of $187,700.00. Counties in Arizona collect an average of 0.72% of a property's assessed fair market value as property tax per year. Arizona is ranked number thirty-one out of the fifty states, in order of the average amount of property taxes collected.

Economy      Prescott, AZ   United States

Sales Taxes      8.35%           6.00%

Income Taxes  3.36%           4.72% 

NO Tax on Social Security Income. This can be huge when you are living off of your savings; something to seriously consider when retiring. Also, There is no inheritance tax, gift tax or estate tax.

Prescott, AZ: Weather

Prescott enjoys what is undoubtedly the fairest four-season climates experienced in the U.S. - a mile above the oppressive desert heat of summer, yet warm enough to melt a snowfall off within a day or two in winter. Low humidity year-round benefits respiratory patients, yet there is enough moisture to support many square miles of Ponderosa Pine in the nearby National Forest. Many retirees come here from all around the nation to seek a healthier climate that would provide relief from their medical conditions. Not to mention Arizona gets more sunny days then Florida.


Prescott, AZ, gets 19 inches of rain per year. The US average is 37. Snowfall is 25 inches. The average US city gets 25 inches of snow per year. The number of days with any measurable precipitation is 63.

On average, there are 277 sunny days per year in Prescott, AZ. The July high is around 89 degrees. The January low is 21. Our comfort index, which is based on humidity during the hot months, is a 49 out of 100, where higher is more comfortable. The US average on the comfort index is 44.

Living in Prescott, AZ [Video]


Thinking of moving to Prescott or Prescott Valley, Arizona? Meet some of our Dorn home owners and hear what they like about the Prescott area. Dorn Homes is the largest and most successful home builder in Northern Arizona, building in 9 communities in Prescott and Prescott Valley. Search Our Communities Now!

Million Dollar Lifestyle at Prescott Lakes


Prescott Lakes offers an amazing lifestyle with world-class amenities for your enjoyment.

Stay fit, play tennis, meet new friends or sit back and take in the wide-open spaces nestled among the beautiful natural surroundings of Prescott Lakes.

Live a million dollar lifestyle right here, right now.

Amenities and activities are only part of the many advantages to being a member of a homeowners association. Enjoy the benefit of collective management, private community functions, affordable homeownership, a sense of community and architectural standards to insure your investment is secured. Discover the beauty of Prescott. Your maintenance-free lifestyle awaits.

Contact Us for more reasons why our homeowners love Prescott Lakes.

Our Holistic Approach to Building Science


You want an energy efficient home so that you can save money each month on your utility bills. Here at Dorn Homes, we build energy efficient homes, but our holistic approach to building provides doesn’t stop at that…

We call our holistic approach “Dorn Homes Exclusive Building Science.” We are the only homebuilder in Northern Arizona that considers the “whole” house, and uses state-of-the-art techniques and technology to provide you with a comfortable, healthy, and efficient environment.  

Lower Utility Bills

Every single brand new Dorn Home is certified by a third party inspector, and given an HERS score. On average, a Dorn Home scores between 60 and 75 on the HERS scale. Compare this against the older pre-existing home with a HERS score of 130 and it is easy to see how the savings can start adding up.  


Our homes are designed so that every room in the house stays a comfortable temperature. You can say good-bye to hot and cold areas in your house… even with all of your doors shut.  We use high performance windows that reduce the UV rays that enter your home… keeping your home cooler in the summer. The windows also provide superior acoustic performance, reducing noise transfer, and making your home quieter and more peaceful.  


Each brand new Dorn Home contains a fresh air intake system. It creates an environment that contains healthy fresh air and less dust, which provides a healthy environment, especially those suffering from allergies. All of our building materials are low VOC (volatile organic compound), providing a reduction in harmful chemicals in the air. We also mastically seal all ductwork in the home, greatly reducing the amount of leaks in the house that could compromise air quality and contribute to allergies.  

You will save thousands of dollars off your monthly utility bills with a Dorn Home, but you will also own a comfortable, healthy, and high-performance home!  

To read more about our building science features, click here.

Prescott, AZ: Top Retirement Destination


There are many reasons why Prescott, AZ has been rated one of the top retirement destinations multiple times. Many of our home owners have chosen to build a new home in this charming town as either their main home, or vacation home, in their retirement years.    

  1. Weather: Prescott boasts a mild, four-season climate bring the unexpected in Arizona... lovely red and orange leaves in the fall and a sprinkling of snow in the winter.     
  2. Picture-Perfect Views: Wake up to stunning mountain and lake views and wind down in the evenings enjoying a picturesque sunset.     
  3. Small Town: Prescott, “Everyone’s Hometown,” offers all of the perks of living in a small town without sacrificing many of the amenities and attractions that you would find in a major metro area. There is less traffic and congestion other Arizona cities. Enjoy fresh air and friendly neighbors, with many museums and weekly events.     
  4. Day-Trips: There are many activities available in Prescott proper, but Arizona offers many attractions and natural wonders that are not to be missed. From Prescott, you be in the Grand Canyon, Sedona, or Phoenix within a couple of hours.     
  5. Safety: Prescott is a very safe place to live, with a much lower crime rate than other places in Arizona.     
  6. Golf: If you are a golfer, you will know that Arizona is known for it’s many golf courses. The weather in Prescott allows golfing nearly year round. There are 8 spectacular golf courses in the Prescott area.     
  7. Outdoor Activities: Prescott offers a multitude of hiking and biking trails around the area lakes and through the mountains. The lakes offer kayaking, fishing and more!     
  8. Events & Activities: There are many museums around Prescott; learn about the pioneer days, western art, and Arizona history. Most weekends there is and event at the Courthouse square in the heart of downtown Prescott, especially during the summer. And, you won’t want to miss the annual lighting of the square at Christmas, or the World’s Oldest Rodeo. [Museum Photo]

Want to make Prescott your retirement destination? See our Prescott & Prescott Valley new home communities.

Your Guide to Energy Efficient Homes

During your search for a new home you have probably noticed a trend towards “green” home building. You know that an energy efficient home can have an impact on the environment, but there are many other added benefits that you may not be aware of. Energy effcient homes are not just good for the environment, they benefit your health and wallet. Many features that come standard in every Dorn Home provide heathier indoor air quality, less alergens, plus save on your utility bills month after month.

Dorn Homes prides itself on building high performance homes using our Exclusive Building Science  We posted this infographic on our blog before, but due to the popularity of the post we wanted to share it with you again...

See the original post here.


*The lower the HERS score, the more energy efficient the home

Creating Your Outdoor Living Space


Northern Arizona offers spectacular weather all year around. With the mild summer and winter climates you can use your outdoor living spaces nearly year round.



1. Outdoor Entertaining

With a large paver patio you can set up multiple seating area clusters, ideal for entertaining large groups.


2. Breathtaking Views

Both Prescott and Sedona offer breathtaking views and sunsets. Create a relaxing space to entertain a small group of friends on your rooftop deck with an outdoor sofa and a small patio table. Enjoy your morning coffee or evening relaxation from you rooftop.


3. Garden Fresh Meals

Use a section of your outdoor living space to create your own garden then serve your homegrown produce at your outdoor dining table under your covered patio. Homegrown herbs will make any meal a masterpiece.



4. Comfortable Gathering Spaces

A large outdoor sectional provides plenty of outdoor seating and ensures you and your guests can enjoy the outdoors in the cool fringe seasons.


5. Space for the Whole Family

Place a play set on one end of the yard, and a space for you to garden or a putting green on the other. You will have you sanctuary and your kids (or grandkids) can have a space of their own as well.


6. Warmth

Although Prescott and Sedona have mild winters compared to other parts of the country, it is still nice to enjoy an outdoor fire on a winter or fall evening. Consider installing an open fire pit or a fireplace to your outdoor living space.


7. The Front Porch

The back yard will be your main outdoor living space, but don’t forget the front porch. Dorn Homes builds front porches on many floor plans so that our homeowners can enjoy the marvelous people in their new community. Put some rocking chairs or other seating out front, and say hi to neighbors passing by while you read the morning paper.



8. Bring the Outdoors

In Some of our floor plans boast expansive walls of sliding glass allowing you to combine you outdoor and indoor living spaces. 

Our Most Popular Ways to Personalize Your New Home


Flooring – Many people love the appearance of wood floors, but want the durability of ceramic tile. This is why ceramic wood tile has been increasing in popularity over the years. It is as easy to care for as tile with the natural look of wood. We feature this flooring in many of our model homes.


Kitchen Cabinets – What do you prefer light or dark cabinetry? It has become popular to combine both. Many of our homeowners are choosing to use light cabinetry on the top and dark cabinets on the bottom within their kitchen. We have also had buyers choose one color for the main cabinets, and a different one for the island.


Backsplashes – Backsplashes have been popular for many years, and the style of tile used is based mainly on personal preference. Recently we have noticed more and more people choosing long horizontal tiles that span from the countertop to the upper cabinets.


Granite – All of our homes have granite countertops included as “standard,” but we have a large selection of custom granites to choose from as well. The look of one style of granite can vary greatly from slab to slab, and choosing one of our premium granites will give you the opportunity to pick a slab of granite that is tailored to your liking.


Window Coverings – We offer many different types of window covering for your new home, but wood shutters are by far the favorite for the main living spaces of the home.


10 Things to Do in Quailwood


There is never a dull moment at Quailwood, a master-planned community in Prescott Valley.

Swimming – The sparkling pool at the Clubhouse in Prescott Valley is a great way to spend leisurely afternoons.


Gardening – Test your green thumb in the Quailwood community garden. Join you neighbors in planting and harvesting fresh produce.


Tennis or Pickle Ball – Play a game of tennis or pickle ball with your friends (then maybe take a dip in the pool afterwards)


Take a Class – Classes are regularly held in the Community Center. The schedule varies by month but there have been jewelry making, dance classes and more.Billiards – Play a game of billiards with your neighbors and friends at the Community Center


Work Out – Visit the fitness center or even attend a yoga class right in the neighborhood!Take the kids and grandkids to the park – The kids will have a great time on the playground.


Downtown Prescott – Visit many of the attractions in downtown Prescott, just a short drive away.

Shopping & Dining – Prescott Valley offers a wide variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options for the whole family.

Get Outdoors – There are many hiking and biking trails in Prescott and Prescott Valley as well as fishing or kayaking on one of the nearby lakes.

Featured Floor Plan: The Spyglass


This month’s featured floor plan is the Spyglass, our most popular plan in Prescott Lakes.

Expansive Walls of Glass to bring the outdoors in…

The view just POPS as you open up the front doorway, looking out 12 feet of glass that leads out to your backyard. This open floor plan allows 2163 in sq. ft. to feel much bigger sitting in the oversized living room with a full view of the fireplace, backyard, kitchen, all the while enjoying one on one company with your spouse or while having the party!


Final Phase at RimStone Now Available


It's Your last chance to buy at RimStone!

Our final phase of lots are available now. Our home sites range in size from just over 8,000 square feet to more than an acre, and are designed to take full advantage of breathtaking views of the area’s red rock mountains and spectacular high desert terrain. An eco-conscious approach to site development and construction ensures that your new home will perfectly compliment the natural beauty of this extraordinary locale. RimStone is a fully improved community, so you can build your dream home without delay.

See Our Floor Plans >>>

We invite you to come out and visit our fully furnished model home and tour our available lot sites.

Ideas to Utilize Your Smart Spaces in Your New Home


Dorn Homes works to optimize the efficiency of our homes. I’m not just talking about our Exclusive Building Science and energy efficiency… I’m talking about creating floor plans to help home owners get the maximum use of their space. Most of our floor plans are equipped with smart spaces and drop zones to help achieve this goal. Here are a few ideas to decorate and use these spaces…

1. Gardening or Crafting Workshop


2. Convenient (Organized) Drop Zone


3. Entry Way Storage


4. Charging Station and Drop Zone


5. Kid's Wall: Hang backbacks and leave notes for your children


6. Game Room (Loft)


The Villas at Quailwood Grand Opening


Last month we opened the Villas at Quailwood in Prescott Valley, and received a tremendous response from the public. Since our opening we have already sold 5 homes.

Dorn Homes offers four innovative townhomes with the Villas at Quailwood. The homes range from 1,446 to 2,424 square feet and there are single and two story homes available. Homes at the Villas start in the high $100s.

The Villas at Quailwood are conveniently located within walking distance to the impressive amenities that the community has to offer. Stroll to the Clubhouse and take a dip in the sparkling swimming pool, or take advantage of the full fitness facility, play grounds, tennis courts, soccer field, and community garden.

The Home of Your Dreams

Dorn Homes is here to build you your dream home in Prescott Valley. Each model is developed to fit today’s busy lifestyle. We provide you with a completely re-engineered home offering the ultimate in architectural beauty, energy savings, high performance, and health. Smart spaces, open floor plans, Dorn Homes Building Science, and built-in technology will make you proud to call a Dorn Home your own.

Dorn Homes prides itself on building your home with upgraded features that are included in the home as “standard”.

Energy Star 3.0 Exclusive

Building Science

High Efficiency Air Conditioner

10’ Ceilings

Blown Cellulose Insulation

Granite Countertops

We invite you to come visit our sales office and discover our new homes for sale at The Villas at Quailwood in Prescott Valley.

Green Cleaning Tricks


A few all-natural cleaning tricks with items you probably already have in your house!

  1. Add a half cup of lemon juice in with your laundry to brighten your whites
  2. Just painted you walls and now have paint on your hands? Rub vegetable oil on them before washing with soap to easily remove the paint.
  3. Ran out of wood polish? Mix 2 cups of olive oil with juice from a lemon. Rub onto your furniture with a soft cloth
  4. Have spots on your freshly cleaned glasses? Try adding vinegar to the rinsing water.
  5. Mineral deposits on your showerhead? Fill a plastic bag with vinegar then tie over your showerhead so it is completely submerged. Leave it overnight, then remove and run the water for a couple minutes in the morning.
  6. Pet Odors in the air? Put water and baking soda in a crock-pot and let it cook on low for a few hours to remove odors. Try adding spices to the mix as well for a nice fragrance.
  7. Trying to remove dust from your artificial flowers? Put the flowers in a bag and add salt. Shake the bag and the salt will help remove the dust and dirt.

Do you have any all-natural cleaning tips or tricks? Share them below.

Learn About the Nest Thermostat


undefinedI’m sure you have heard a lot about “Smart Homes” during your search for a new home. Our team here at Dorn Homes keeps an eye on the latest technological advances in the homebuilding industry, and works to bring them to you in our homes.

We are very proud to offer the Nest Thermostat as a standard feature in many of our homes. The Nest Thermostat takes a programmable thermostat to the next level, by learning your heating and cooling needs! You no longer need to manually schedule your thermostat to reduce your energy usage! Nest creates a custom schedule for you while you are home, and automatically shuts itself down when you are away saving you up to 20% on your energy usage.

If you are away on vacation, the Nest has an added benefit… You can control your thermostat with your mobile device. I’m sure you’ve come home after vacation to a warm home since your air conditioner has been off. Imagine being able start your AC up right when you plane lands, ensuring a perfect temperature when you arrive at home!