Design Trends to Fit Your Life

One of the most exciting aspects of building your own dream home is personalization. That means picking out your ideal features, fixtures, and flooring. At Dorn Homes our Design Center team ensures that the extensive options we offer will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking at included features or one-of-a-kind items, we focus strongly on providing designs that are contemporary and traditional. Increasingly, new homeowners are leveraging clean lines and bright colors to achieve looks that will feel up to date for years to come. Homeowners are also focusing on building homes to fit their lifestyles instead of making their lifestyles work in their homes. This means more design and purpose-built rooms. With that in mind, Dorn Homes would like to share with you some of the style trends that our homeowners are enjoying today. Let's start with a feature many Northern Arizona homes have…

Don’t Buy Someone Else’s Dream Home: The Benefits of Buying New

After deciding to buy a home, the first question home shoppers inevitably ask themselves is “Should I buy new or used?” While it’s a relatively straightforward question, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration when making the decision. Since buying a new home is typically the most expensive purchase someone will make in his or her lifetime, it’s important to find a home that not only meets your needs but lives up to your dreams. A used home was built to the original owner’s standards; it was built to make their dreams come true.

Dear Santa: A place to build memories

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is.... A place to build memories. Watch this special Holiday video from the Dorn Homes family to you. Merry Christmas!

The Christmas City: December in Prescott, AZ

It’s that time of year again. As fall gives way to winter, most of Arizona embraces the cooler temperatures and relief from our sweltering summers. In Prescott though, where summers are more temperate, winter brings more than just relief. Here winter brings hopes for snow and snow days, and, more importantly, anticipation for the holiday season. For anyone with plans of traveling to experience winter at its finest, there's no better place to celebrate Christmas than Prescott, Arizona's Christmas City.

Serving in Prescott

Ahhh! Smell that crisp air! Fall is upon us. And I, for one, could not be happier. By now you’ve seen the Pumpkin Spice everything in the stores. (They even have Pumpkin Spice m&ms now!) The trees are beginning to turn and there is a beautiful chill in the air reminding us of just how beautiful Prescott is when the seasons change. With this being the time of year where we tend to think about our blessings and what we are thankful for, I’d like to issue a challenge to those reading. Uh oh! A challenge? Don’t worry, it’s an easy and fun challenge that will get you in the fall mood.

Prescott, AZ: Service Providers

City of Prescott- The City of Prescott provides water & sewer, trash and recycling services to homes and businesses within our service area. Electricity provided by Arizona Public Service (APS), for more information call toll-free at (800) 253-9405 Solar Energy – The Arizona Solar Center is a non-profit organization promoting the use and utilization of solar energy in Arizona. Natural gas by Unisource Energy Services, 877-837-4968 Land Line telecommunications, Qwest provides telephone connections in Prescott.

Prescott AZ: Medical Care

Yavapai Regional Medical Center, is a full service facility as well as a drop-in urgent care facility.

 When medical needs dictate, such as serious head trauma, a helicopter is available to quickly transport victims to specialized facilities in Phoenix. YRMC is rated top 3 in Arizona for hip surgery. The James Family Heart provides World Class heart surgery. Northern Arizona VA Health Care (pictured), provides inpatient and outpatient care at the Bob Stump VAMC in Prescott. Prescott also offers specialized professionals including chiropractors, acupuncturist and naturopaths.

Prescott, AZ: Weather

Prescott enjoys what is undoubtedly the fairest four-season climates experienced in the U.S. - a mile above the oppressive desert heat of summer, yet warm enough to melt a snowfall off within a day or two in winter. Low humidity year-round benefits respiratory patients, yet there is enough moisture to support many square miles of Ponderosa Pine in the nearby National Forest. Many retirees come here from all around the nation to seek a healthier climate that would provide relief from their medical conditions. Not to mention Arizona gets more sunny days then Florida.