Housing is booming in Prescott


The new home marketing in Prescott and Prescott Valley is booming. Dorn Homes alone sold 184 brand new homes to happy future residents of the area! 2014 was a great year, leading us to set ambitious goals for 2015. The demand is back in the Prescott area, and we are ready for it. We are expecting to sell 200 brand new homes during 2015.

Dave Grounds was recently interviewed by the Prescott Courier about the condition of the Prescott and Prescott Valley new home markets, and he shares some great insights into 2015 and a peek at an upcoming nostalgic community.


Get ready to meet your new neighbors.

Don't start cooking the welcome meal, as they're not here just yet. In fact, their houses don't even exist.

But make no mistake about it: They are coming. By the scores, hundreds, thousands ...

Prescott and Prescott Valley have started off the year with a bang - the bang of hammers. New houses are going up on what were once untouched hilltops and grassy valleys.

A prime example is the Astoria neighborhood, atop a hill in the Prescott Lakes development. Originally called "Falcon Point," these 27 acres with sweeping views were cleared and prepared for building several years ago, then stalled when the housing economy tanked.

Enter Dave Grounds, owner and president of Dorn Homes. "We've been trying to get that piece of land for three years," he said.

Grounds finally succeeded at the end of 2014, and quickly went to work on his vision of "this little nostalgic neighborhood that looks like Norman Rockwell created it."

Unlike "cookie-cutter" subdivisions filled with identical modern homes, Astoria will be filled with nine variations of Victorian homes - and 35 color choices. Picture charming Mt. Vernon Street at the top of a hill, Grounds says.

Early this month, the gates that seemed to lead to nowhere opened to let in construction workers, who quickly started hammer and saw work on two Astoria model homes.

The time to bring his vision to life was right, said the top man at Dorn Homes. "We had one of our best years in 2014 - and the company has been in business for 45 years," Grounds said.

"We set ambitious goals for 2015; we think 2015 is going to be really good."

After the new-home-killing recession, "we think we're back," Grounds said, adding that buyers are coming from Phoenix, Southern California and the Midwest. "The demand is back. It's healthy."

Grounds said as many as 50 homes could be built and sold - prices starting just under $300,000 - at Astoria this year. He thinks he could build and sell another 100 homes in other neighborhoods of the Lakes.

Dorn Homes is also constructing houses at two Prescott Valley subdivisions: The Viewpoint, off Viewpoint Drive, and Quailwood Meadows/Villas. Grounds hopes to build and sell 75 homes in Prescott Valley in 2015.

He is not the only one racing to raise the roof in PV.

"This budget year, 2014/2015, we will hit at least 350 new home completions," said Richard Parker, Prescott Valley's community development director. "Next budget year could be over 400."

Think of that: With an average of three people per home, 750 new homes in PV in less than two years means over 2,000 new residents (real estate professionals say the great majority of new-home buyers come from outside the area, particularly the Phoenix area and Southern California.)

Published in The Daily Courier on 1/28/15

Article by Tom Scanion