Homeowner Story: Harold & Doradean


In August of 2011 Doradean and I first came to Sedona on vacation and just simply fell in love with the exciting little town and with the incredibly beautiful Red Rock Country. We stayed in the Summit Resort in West Sedona and while taking a short walk down the street one afternoon just before sunset, I walked up on an open hillside which is now part of the Dorn Homes Rimstone Community, and looked out across the valley and the awesome red rock formations and said “This is where I would build my home.” A little over three years later we moved into our new Dorn Home only about 500 feet from where I stood in 2011. Living in our new Dorn Home in our Rimstone Community is truly a dream come true.

Working with the friendly Dorn Homes professionals and actually participating with them during the building of our new home in the past year has been the most exciting and rewarding experience. After working with them for a whole year, I can truthfully say that high quality and excellent service is what Dorn Homes is all about. Rimstone is just an exciting place to live. Our neighbors are warm and friendly and helpful and it is just a joy knowing them. The Annual Sedona Marathon Start/Finish Line is just up the street from us and the course runs right past our house. It is one of the most scenic and beautiful marathon courses in the world. I am an avid hiker/runner so I entered and ran the 2015 Sedona Marathon Event this year. What a delightful experience with my family and neighbors cheering for me at the start and finish of the race.

undefinedEarly every morning through our front windows or from the patio, we watch the beautiful, many-colored hot air balloons rising over Doe Mtn. and Bear Mtn. and to the west. For outdoor lovers including walkers, hikers, bikers, and horseback riders that want to enjoy the breathtaking panaromic views, only a short walk from Rimstone are the Centennial Trail and the Girdner Trail. The Girdner Tail ties in to a huge grid of hiking/biking/horseback trails that weave and loop for many many miles among and around the incredible red rock formations and canyons.

Doradean and I have lived and traveled over the years in many of the states and many foreign countries and have seen some beautiful locations, but when we found Sedona we knew we had found the most perfect place to live.