A Year of Giving


The beginning of a new year brings with it hope and inspiration, hope for a blessed 2017 and inspiration to improve ourselves and our communities. The new year also signals the end of the holiday season, a time when charitable opportunities abound. The toy or coat drive boxes at retailers, the Angel Trees at the mall, the Salvation Army bells, all have been put away. Those ever-present reminders to be charitable may be gone, but the need for charity and good will is not. We here at Dorn Homes are immensely proud of the efforts of our executives and employees in supporting local charities last year and are committed to continuing our efforts this year.

            Over the course of last year, Dorn Homes donated tens of thousands of dollars to local charities, either as directed by our executives or through employee matching contributions. Our commitment to giving starts, like many things here at Dorn Homes, at the very top. Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. David Grounds, currently serves as the Vice President on the board of the Foundation for Blind Children. In addition to sharing our CEO, Dorn Homes has contributed to help the Foundation for Blind Children pursue their mission. This organization, which was founded in Phoenix in 1952, strives “To provide education, tools and services that enable those with vision loss to achieve greater independence and satisfaction in life.” For those of you interested in learning more or contributing please see the organization’s website at http://www.seeitourway.org.

            Dorn Homes takes interest in serving the most vulnerable among us and takes special care to ensure that our charitable efforts improve the lives of children, single mothers, and the elderly in our community. This year alone, Dorn Homes has made sizeable donations to the Children’s Tumor Foundation, Yavapai Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and the AZ Community Foundation. Our contribution to the Children’s Tumor Foundation will help them pursue their mission to “Drive research, expand knowledge, and advance care for the neurofibromatosis (NF) community.” With over 70% of all worldwide NF data funded or co-funded by this organization, we encourage you to lend your support at http://www.ctf.org.

At Dorn Homes we also have a history of giving. In past years we have held auctions of model home furniture with a majority of proceeds benefiting Yavapai Big Brothers and Big Sisters. In addition to our contribution this year, we will continue to pursue innovative fundraising efforts to brighten the lives of children in Sedona, Verde Valley, and the Quad Cities.

In the interest of furthering the efforts of The Adult Center of Prescott, Inc., a private non-profit corporation that provides a broad range of recreational, educational, and social activities for Prescott adults, Dorn Homes has contributed to the AZ Community Fund to assist The Adult Center of Prescott, Inc. in building pickleball courts at their community center.

While Dorn Homes takes pride in the contributions made by the company, we are most proud of the efforts of our individual employees. For 2016, in lieu of a gift exchange at our annual year-end celebration, each employee provided winter coats to benefit area charities. This employee-driven support allowed us to provide coats to every resident of the Stepping Stones shelter, a safe housing facility for women and children. Dorn Homes also contributed gift cards for every resident, allowing mothers to buy presents for their children and necessities for themselves. The generosity of our employees was such that, even after distributing coats to Stepping Stones, we were able to donate coats and blankets to the Coalition for Compassion and Justice to distribute to the homeless.

Dorn team members have also supported a variety of organizations throughout 2016, including Horses with Heart, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, the American Heart Association, and Prescott Young Life.

Lastly, in the spirit of the holiday season, Dorn Homes employees worked with the Yavapai County Food Bank to deliver cookies and Christmas dinners to those in need. Employees also adopted 5 families, fulfilling each of their Christmas wish lists and helping to make their Christmas memorable.

At Dorn Homes, we are committed to supporting our community and those in need. We will continue to build on our history of giving and encourage you to do the same. Please donate if you can afford to, and volunteer if you cannot.