Dorn Homes Celebrates Ongoing Growth


Dorn Homes is proud to announce that both BUILDER Magazine’s Builder 100 List and Professional Builder Magazine’s Housing Giants List reflect Dorn Homes’ ongoing growth. The Builder 100 List, which ranks homebuilders by the number of homes they have sold, features Dorn Homes as the 157th biggest homebuilder in the nation, compared to our ranking of 164 last year. The Housing Giants List, which is based on total revenue, ranks Dorn Homes at 165 versus a ranking of 184 last year. While we are proud of our past growth and excited to continue to grow in the years to come, we are, more than anything, appreciative. Our presence on these lists is entirely due to the actions of the homebuyers that choose Dorn Homes to build the homes of their dreams.

So to our homebuyers, we say thank you, and to prospective homebuyers, we make this commitment.

We are committed to furthering the efforts that have driven our ongoing growth. This means we will continue to innovate the architecture of our national award-winning homes. It also means that we’ll continue delivering service that exceeds expectations. Whether you’re working with a sales professional, superintendent, or customer service, we will always strive to go above and beyond when working with you. We will also continue emphasizing a culture of building that is both environmentally friendly and sensitive to the health and wellbeing of our homebuyers.

We will doggedly pursue the promise of The Organic Home and explore green building technologies that improve the quality of life for each of our homebuyers. Whether that means adopting innovative spray foam insulation technology to improve comfort and energy efficiency, or building with whole-home ventilation systems to promote healthy indoor air, as we do in all communities, we will continue to advance building science.

Lastly, to the cities and towns in which we build, we commit to continue building communities, instead of simply constructing houses. To us, that commitment means that we will continue building communities that embrace the history of the towns and cities we build in while showcasing the unique geographies of Arizona. It means that we will use local talent and signature locally sourced building materials wherever possible to ensure that we have the greatest economic impact on the community we are building in. Finally, it means we will continue supporting local charities and partnering with local businesses to ensure that we uphold our mission statement: To enhance the lives of all those we touch.