A Seminar Presented by Dorn Homes


Earlier this January, Dorn Homes hosted an educational event at Embry Riddle in Prescott. We invited our trade partners and local business owners to attend this half-day seminar “The Organizational Tune-Up.” Bruce Brier, a nationally recognized productivity expert, provided tips and processes to local business owners to help improve productivity and organization.

The Organizational Tune-Up presents tips, tools, and techniques on how to:    

  • Balance the Calendar    
  • Increase and Improve On-Time Delivery    
  • Lead and Run Highly Efficient Meetings    
  • Develop and Maintain a Master Task List    
  • More Effectively Begin and End Each Work Day    
  • Manage Interruptions, Disruptions, and Distractions    
  • Achieve and Maintain a Stack-Free, Uncluttered Office    
  • Totally Organize the Email Environment    
  • Define Personal and Professional Priority Goals    
  • Organize, Finalize, and Consistently Manage the Annual Business Plan  

This seminar was a huge success, and Dorn Homes has decided to offer one to local business owners annually.