Design Trends to Fit Your Life


One of the most exciting aspects of building your own dream home is personalization. That means picking out your ideal features, fixtures, and flooring. At Dorn Homes our Design Center team ensures that the extensive options we offer will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking at included features or one-of-a-kind items, we focus strongly on providing designs that are contemporary and traditional. Increasingly, new homeowners are leveraging clean lines and bright colors to achieve looks that will feel up to date for years to come. Homeowners are also focusing on building homes to fit their lifestyles instead of making their lifestyles work in their homes. This means more design and purpose-built rooms. With that in mind, Dorn Homes would like to share with you some of the style trends that our homeowners are enjoying today. Let’s start with a feature many Northern Arizona homes have…

Stacked Stone Fireplace - Dorn Homes in Prescott


Fireplaces are a focal point in any family or great room. They’re a source of warmth and historically, a place to commune. Dorn Homes offers many fireplace selections and options. While traditionally surrounded by a large stone façade, split-frame natural stone has become an increasingly popular option for homeowners. The smaller scale linear stones are softer on the eye and provide a more contemporary look. As with the fireplace, soft colors and clean lines have become prevalent throughout the kitchen, and nowhere more so than the single biggest visual feature…

Quartz Countertops - Dorn Homes


While granite countertops are well-regarded for their classic tried and true look and their durability, quartz countertops are growing in popularity. Quartz offers durability beyond even that of granite and requires less maintenance. More importantly, quartz lacks the distinct patterns of granite countertops and offers a cleaner appearance. This simplicity allows homeowners to use a multitude of different tile backsplashes. Speaking of backsplashes, nothing ruins the clean lines of a well-built herringbone backsplash quite like electrical outlets. With this in mind, Dorn Homes recently began offering…

Hidden Outlets - Dorn Homes

Cabinet-mounted electrical outlets

These outlets mount underneath the cabinets themselves rather than within the wall. The freedom of walls without outlets means your elegant tile backsplash is unmarred. While we linger in the kitchen, we’d be remiss if we didn’t throw out…

Kitchen Sink - Dorn Homes

The Kitchen Sink

Although often thought of in purely utilitarian terms, the kitchen sink commands a relatively large, and often central portion of your kitchen. Farmhouse sinks have become incredibly popular in a very short time and are very much in vogue. For more cost-conscious homeowners, single-bowl sinks offer similarly simple visuals as the farmhouse sink at a fraction of the cost. Single-bowl sinks also offer more versatility than the two-bowl alternative. Now that we’re marrying form and function, it’s time to look down and consider…

Wood Texture Tile - Dorn Homes Prescott


Hard-surface floors are in. Whether you’re looking at tile, wood, or laminate, they all boast durability that most carpeting can’t hope to match. Additionally, flooring choices are important to invest in early. It’s much simpler to replace light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, even remodel kitchens, than it is to replace flooring. Because of this, making the right decision on your floors is critical. Our homeowners have embraced wood-textured tile flooring for its wide range of options. From rustic to contemporary, wood-textured tile is available in styles that will match your design preferences. While we’re on the subject of tile, lets take a look at…

Walk-In Shower - Dorn Homes


Walk in showers are all the rage these days. In fact, many homeowners are opting to replace the master bathtub with a walk in shower. Like most of the items we’ve highlighted here, clean lines and neutral tones are the key to building a shower that will look contemporary decades from now. Unlike small patterned tile, which tends to become dated quickly, larger vertical tile and accent banding offers a look that stays fresh. Designing your bathroom with the importance of modernity in mind means that you won’t find yourself trying to justify thousands of dollars in remodels just a few years down the road. The prevalent design trends these days aren’t just about visuals, they’re also about lifestyle. As you go through the design process keep in mind that you already know how you live your life, and that you can build a home that keeps up with you. More and more homeowners are realizing the importance of…

Wine Room - Dorn Homes in Prescott Lakes

Purpose-Built Rooms

Purpose-built rooms and custom solutions were unheard of for most homeowners just a few short years ago. The closest you would come to a purpose-built room was a bedroom converted to a den or office. These days, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re considering something simple like custom storage solutions for your laundry room, or putting in a wine cellar, game room, or theater room, Dorn Homes gives you the opportunity to design a home that you can truly live in. So visit our models, explore the website, and design your home today.

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