Buying a New Home with Travel in Mind


For many homebuyers in Prescott and the surrounding areas, especially those that are near retirement age, a new home is more than just a place to live. It’s a launching pad, a base camp if you will. These homebuyers have spent their working years dreaming of a retirement that centers on travel—both exploring the country around them and welcoming visitors from out of town or out of state. For homebuyers interested in exploring the state of Arizona and the rest of the country, there’s no city quite like Prescott to set up camp.

Exploring Arizona

Prescott is centrally located in the state, which is part of the reason it twice served as the capital of the Arizona Territory. Whether you’re interested in sightseeing in the San Francisco Peaks, exploring the red rocks of Sedona, or traveling to the bustling metropolitan Phoenix, Prescott is a two-hour drive away from almost anywhere. This means that you can take a vineyard tour through Page Springs or Oak Creek on a spur-of-the-moment day trip, instead of having to make plans weeks in advance.

Branching Out

Prescott is also a great location for travelers looking to go beyond state lines. Regional air travel is available through Prescott Municipal Airport and Great Lakes Airlines has recently added expanded service and more frequent flights. Additionally, shuttle services run regularly each day between Sky Harbor Airport and Prescott, providing our town with convenient access to air travel without the expense or inconvenience of long-term parking. Prescott is also a short drive from Las Vegas and is a day of driving to both San Diego and Los Angeles.

Welcoming Visitors

Many of our homebuyers welcome friends and family from out of state on a regular basis. Those visitors often want to take in all that Arizona has to offer. This may mean trips throughout the state, to Meteor Crater, the Grand Canyon, the Four Corners, the Petrified Forrest, the red rocks of Sedona, or the Painted Desert. Prescott offers convenient access to all of the natural wonders of the state as well as a more temperate and inviting climate than either the rest of the state. The cooler summers of Prescott are also far more welcoming to out-of-state visitors than the sweltering heat of Phoenix. This means that there’s no wrong time for your friends and family to come to town. The same can be said about our mild winters. So feel free to invite out of town visitors during the winter months to enjoy Arizona’s Christmas City.

Before You Go

Making your home travel-friendly starts at construction, specifically, landscaping. By using hardscaping and native plants, you can reduce the amount of ongoing maintenance that your yard will require. This means there’s little risk of coming home to a dead or overgrown lawn and it will save on landscaping services when you’re out of town.

Before leaving on vacation, adjust your thermostat and water heater to save energy and avoid heating or cooling an empty house. If you have a smart thermostat, like those installed by Dorn Homes, you can schedule a return date so you can come home to comfort.

To ensure that your home is welcoming after a long vacation, take care of unfinished housework before you leave. Cleaning up around the house and washing any dirty laundry means you’ll come home to a space as clean and well kempt as any resort you might have visited.

For visitors interested in coming to Prescott this winter, take a look at our article about Prescott as Arizona’s Christmas City. For homebuyers interested in more information about Prescott or Dorn Homes, ask an Online Home Advisor today.