Your New Home Warranty: Built-in Peace of Mind

Dorn Homes is pleased to offer a limited new home warranty with every home we build. You will receive a copy of the complete warranty when you purchase your home, and we recommend you read the document carefully. While that document will outline the exact steps for you, should you need to take advantage of the warranty, we’d like to highlight some of the features that make our warranty process easier for homebuyers.

Local Customer Care

Every community Dorn Homes builds has a local dedicated customer care representative. By offering a dedicated representative Dorn Homes provides a single point of contact for managing your warranty needs. This ensures that you will receive timely updates and repair scheduling. It also means you won’t have to explain your warranty needs to a new representative every time you reach out to us.

24-7 Emergency Contact

Normal operating hours for Dorn Homes’ warranty department are 7am-4pm Monday through Friday, but because we know emergencies don’t look at your schedule, we also offer a 24-7 emergency phone number. When you contact our emergency number one of our on-call warranty representatives will reply within 15 minutes.

Online Warranty Portal

The Dorn Homes website features a link called the “Homeowner’s ITK” that connects you to our warranty department. This link allows you to conveniently submit claims, view warranty materials, and view your warranty history. This is a great place to start if you encounter an issue and you’re unsure if it is covered under warranty.

Final Walk-Through

Your first interaction with Dorn Homes’ warranty department will take place during the Final Walk-Through of your home. During this visit we will be on the look out for any cosmetic issues that may have arisen during the construction of your home or anything that’s not functioning properly, like fixtures, switches, or cabinets. We’ll also discuss your warranty coverage, emergency contacts, and introduce you to the online warranty portal. During this Final Walk-Through we will also schedule a 30-day and 11-month visit.

30-Day and 11-Month Visit

Your 30-day visit is intended to ensure we address any issues that may arise in the first month living in your new home or that may have been overlooked during your Final Walk-Through. Your 11-month visit, which you will schedule to take place before the first anniversary of your new home purchase, is intended to capture anything covered under a one-year warranty, such as drywall, fixtures, and grout touch-ups, or door adjustments. For a complete list of all items covered by Dorn Homes’ warranty, as well as the length of coverage, please see the warranty document you received at purchase or view it online in the Homeowner’s ITK.

Third-Party Extended Warranty

Dorn Homes is one of few builders to offer a third-party extended warranty. This means that you will continue to receive warranty coverage for structural issues regardless of whether Dorn Homes is still building. Additionally, this third-party warranty is transferable. So should you choose to relocate or sell your home, your buyer will receive the same warranty coverage that you had.

Dorn Homes is proud of the homes we build and, like you, we expect them to look beautiful and perform well for years to come. That’s why we offer this warranty. To keep your home beautiful, and to ensure that you receive full warranty coverage, please make sure you perform regular maintenance as outlined in the Dorn Homes Homeowner’s Manual. If you’re a current homeowner and you believe you have an issue under warranty click on the Homeowner’s ITK link. If you’re considering becoming a homebuyer, and have questions about Dorn Homes’ warranty, ask an Online Home Advisor today.