Pet Friendly Prescott


Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, if you have pets you understand just how big of a role they play in our lives. Our four-legged friends (or sometimes winged or scaled) spend more time with us than even our best human friends. That’s why it’s so important to show them the love and affection that they show us every day. And, fortunately for us, Prescott is one of the pet-friendliest cities in Arizona. First off, let’s talk about…

The Weather

The Weather in Prescott is ideal for pets. Mild winters and temperate summers mean you’ll have much more time to enjoy outdoor play and walks with Fido. For some the cooler weather means more than just longer walks, it means breed selection. Because of our higher elevation and lower temperatures Prescott is better suited to longhaired breeds that would find the sweltering heat in Phoenix uncomfortable or even dangerous. Our pets are members of our families, and just like our families, their health is important. That’s why we should make sure we get them outside to…


Prescott and the surrounding areas boast mile after mile of hiking and walking trails and acres of parks. While most trails are pet friendly, the Iron Spring and Peavine Trails are particularly popular and accessible. The Prescott area also boasts over a million acres of national forest for you and your pet to explore. Newcomers to the area should take note that many of the trails and the Prescott National Forest are accessible to horseback riders and dogs should generally be leashed. For those of you interested in letting your dogs run free, check out the…

Willow Creek Dog Park

The Willow Creek Dog Park is one of the most popular parks in the Prescott area. This off-leash park was given a half-million dollar makeover in 2013 as part of the Beneful Company’s “Dream Dog Park” contest and was designed with a firefighting theme to honor the 19 fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots. The unique nature of the park leads to hundreds of visitors each day and makes it a great place to let your dog cut loose and play with some friends. If you are looking for something that you and your dog can do together, you can’t go wrong with…

The Courthouse Square

Nestled in the center of town, Courthouse Square is a great destination whether you have a pet or not. The tree-lined sidewalks meander through grassy common areas and around the historic Yavapi County Courthouse. If you are planning on visiting downtown with your furry friends, keep in mind that Courthouse Square is a popular location for events on the weekends and plan accordingly. On most weekdays, however, you’ll find visitors and residents alike walking the square and enjoying the charm of downtown Prescott. Should you be exploring downtown and looking to take a break, you’re in luck, because Prescott offers exceptional…

Pet-Friendly Dining

Many of Prescott’s restaurants, especially near Courthouse Square, offer patio seating that accommodates pets. At restaurants like Prescott Station Grill or The Lone Spur Café to name a few, patio seating typically consists of bistro style tables and chairs. For a change of pace, try The Barley Hound, a restaurant offering an extensive dog-friendly patio area. If you find yourself tuckered out after a day spent exploring downtown and enjoying the best food in Northern Arizona you can always get some rest at Prescott’s signature…

Pet-Friendly Hotel

While many hotels are pet friendly, it can be a challenge to find one that is also historic. Fortunately for visitors, the Hassayampa Inn is both. Originally built in 1927, this beautifully restored hotel is in the heart of Prescott’s downtown historic district and within walking distance of Courthouse Square and Whiskey Row. The Hassayampa Inn also welcomes pets weighing less than 45 pounds at no extra charge.

If a few nights spent downtown inspire you to relocate to Prescott, explore our website or talk to an Online Home Advisor today!

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