Community Focus: Yavapai Regional Medical Center

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Our Mission Statement, “Enhancing the lives of all those we touch,” is the driving force behind everything Dorn Homes does. It also means that we have a responsibility to be more than just a homebuilder. It means we have a responsibility to be a community builder. In that spirit, we have reached out to Kenneth Boush with Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC), a not-for-profit healthcare provider, to discuss the role they take in growing and sustaining the community. This discussion has been condensed for the website, the full interview is available here.

As Yavapai County’s primary healthcare provider, YRMC has been a cornerstone of the region for nearly 75 years. While providing healthcare to the rapidly growing region is obviously the most visible role YRMC plays in the daily lives of area residents, it is not their only role. In fact, YRMC is a key driver for area growth and is the largest employer in the region. When asked what role he sees YRMC playing in regional growth, Mr. Boush highlighted the services YRMC provides and also the economic benefits:

“One role that people often overlook… is the economic impact that YRMC has on the region. People do their homework and healthcare is a primary consideration for most when choosing a community to relocate to. This makes YRMC a catalyst for growth. YRMC is also the largest employer in the region… YRMC employees purchase homes, pay taxes, buy groceries, and much, much more. Plus, as a not-for-profit healthcare provider, surplus revenue left over at the end of the year after expenses are met is reinvested in YRMC to bring more services and providers to the area.”

YRMC’s commitment to serving the community’s health needs has driven them to recruit over 100 providers to the area under the YRMC PhysicianCare banner since 2009. Mr. Boush was quick to outline what is both an opportunity and challenge unique to the region. The diverse population of Northern Arizona, specifically, the need to serve large population centers like the Prescott and Prescott Valley areas while also serving more remote rural patients:

“Partners for Healthy Students is [an] outstanding example of why not-for-profit healthcare is so important to our region. YRMC’s service area spans 5,500 square miles and the men, women and children that call this area home are very diverse. There are… families that live in rural places that don’t always have access to healthcare for their children. There are also families in our cities and towns that due to a variety of factors don’t have access or can’t afford healthcare for their children. Partners for Healthy Students has been filling this need for many years by providing free healthcare to children and their siblings through in-school clinics and a state-of-the-art mobile clinic… Helping families with young children grow and maximize early child development opportunities is so important to the fabric of our communities and the values we live by.”

Partners for Healthy Students is just one of many programs that YRMC operates in order to address specific needs of the area while also acting as a more traditional healthcare provider offering “emergency services, surgical programs, breast health programs and neonatal programs – just to name a few.”

As growth in the area continues to accelerate, YRMC is positioned to expand as well. In addition to the organization’s continued efforts to recruit providers, YRMC is planning to expand both their capacity for care and the facilities to support their medical professionals. The latter will be accomplished through the construction of a new medical office complex in Prescott. Their expansion goes beyond people and facilities, however, YRMC is investing for the future as well. By focusing on innovative technologies, like their hybrid surgical suite, YRMC is helping to ensure that their patients will continue to receive state-of-the-art medical care.

Organizations like YRMC are a cornerstone upon which strong communities are built and we appreciate them joining us in building communities and connecting people. For More information about YRMC visit, and for information on Dorn Homes’ role in the community, explore The History of Dorn Homes or talk to an Online Home Advisor today.

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