Introducing Eco Evolve: The Next Evolution in Home Building

If you’re reading this article, you may be familiar with Dorn Homes’ Organic Home promise. That is our commitment to provide a healthy indoor environment for every homeowner. We do this by using low or no-VOC building materials and offering whole-home air circulation to replace the stale indoor air with fresh air from outside. You may also be familiar with Dorn Homes’ exclusive building science that increases energy efficiency, saving you money on utilities and reducing your environmental footprint. At Dorn Homes, we believe that every home we build should be both good for our homeowners, and good for the planet.


It is with this in mind that we’re pleased to announce a new, smarter way to power your home: Eco Evolve. Eco Evolve is a service that allows our homeowners to generate and store their own energy and take thousands of dollars each year off their utility bills. When you choose Eco Evolve from Dorn Homes, we install solar panel technology and the Sonnen Home Battery, allowing you to generate clean and reliable energy throughout the day while saving money and using stored energy at night. The Sonnen Home Battery uses smart technology to maximize your energy savings and offers a 30% reduction in total energy use. Rather than selling excess energy generated during the day back to the power company, the Sonnen Home Battery stores that energy and powers your home after the sun goes down. This means no more worrying about the power company changing buyback rates for solar powered homes.


You can be truly power-independent with Eco Evolve because unlike many solar power systems, you own the system instead of leasing it. Owning the system means that not only are you no longer reliant on grid-delivered power, but you don’t have to worry about transferring a lease if you choose to sell your home in the future or your Homeowner’s Association owning part of your system. Your power-independence also means increased peace of mind because after your Eco Evolution, you’ll have secure self-generated power for your home during power outages, improving the safety and security of your home—even if you’re not there.


As with any new technology, reliability is incredibly important. That’s why we’ve chosen to install Sonnen Home Batteries. These batteries are both safe and reliable and feature a 10-year, 10,000-full-cycle warranty. That means that the batteries are designed to accept a full charge and deliver a full discharge 10,000 times or more. It also means that the Sonnen Home Batteries are more durable and reliable.


To further promote energy efficiency in our community, all homes sold will be Net Zero ready. That means that every home will be prepared to accommodate grid-linked solar panels and come equipped with a dedicated outlet for charging an electric vehicle.


Enjoy the independence and peace of mind that comes with the your Eco Evolve installation while knowing that you’re doing your part in helping to protect the environment. By generating your own power you can rest assured that when you’re out of town, your home’s timed lights and security system will be reliably powered even if the rest of the neighborhood isn’t.


To learn more about Eco Evolve contact an Online Home Advisor today.