Making Communities Stronger with DornCares

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Dorn Homes has a proud tradition of undertaking charitable efforts that improve the communities around us. If you’ve read the History of Dorn Homes, you may be familiar with the causes Dorn Homes has supported in years past. Whether it was building a mortgage-free home for a wounded veteran, contributing land and resources to worthy charities in Green Valley, or supporting charities in the Quad Cities, Dorn Homes has always emphasized supporting the most vulnerable members of our communities. As Dorn Homes has grown, so has our ability to support area charities. With this in mind, Dorn Homes is pleased to announce a new charitable effort called DornCares.

DornCares is a way for our organization to effect meaningful change around us. DornCares allows our employees to share the causes they’re most passionate about. It allows us to connect worthy charities with community members that are looking to volunteer time and resources to support the causes that most affect those around them. In other words, DornCares is community-driven. By connecting community members and focusing our efforts, DornCares will present a platform that can solve problems and provide for others in a way simple financial donations cannot. Embracing that mindset has inspired the first goal for DornCares: ending homelessness in the Quad Cities in the year 2020. An end to homelessness means an available bed for everyone that wants or needs one.

In pursuit of that goal, DornCares is partnering with three local charities, Stepping Stones, the Coalition for Compassion & Justice, and the U.S. Vets Initiative. These charities each work to support the area homeless population or those that are at risk of becoming homeless in their own way, and we will highlight each organization in upcoming articles on our website. DornCares will make buyer-directed contributions to these organizations with the sale of each home.

While ending homelessness is the foundational goal of DornCares, it is not the only goal. The DornCares platform will also highlight other areas of need, whether it’s organizations looking for financial or material contributions or large-scale volunteer efforts. As the needs of the community change, the work that DornCares does will change as well. At Dorn Homes our mission statement is “Improving the lives of all those we touch.” That statement is about more than simply our employees, homebuyers, or business partners. It’s about strengthening the community around us and doing sustainable good. That means offering support in a manner that will not only allow charities to assist those in need today, but also to assist those in need long after Dorn Homes has driven the last nail in the community.

For more information about DornCares visit To learn more about the charities we are partnering with visit their website, or look for upcoming articles here. If you’re interesting in more information about Dorn Homes or the communities we build in, explore our website or talk to an Online Home Advisor today.