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Why Buy New?

Warranty – Dorn Homes offers a 10-year warranty with every new home.

Upgraded Spaces – New homes tend to offer larger closets, bathrooms and higher ceilings than older homes.

Energy Efficiency – Building codes have become stricter over the past few years. A home built to code 5 years ago does not necessarily mean it is up to standard code today. Newer homes consume less energy than older homes, especially homes that are ENERGY STAR certified.

Expanded Community Amenities – Modern communities tend to offer many more amenities than older communities. Newer master-planned communities offer a resort-like lifestyle.

Low-Cost Ownership – When you own a new home you will have less repairs within the first few years (plus your 10 year warranty), your homeowner’s insurance cost may be lower, and the re-sale value of your home will be higher.

Customization – When you build a new home, you start from a blank slate. All style choices are your own, and they will all be installed before you move in. There is no need to spend the first few months of home ownership doing work to your home.

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What Our Homeowners Say....

"Don't change anything. The entire process and the people I worked with are very professional...We were kept updated on the progress of the home on a weekly basis...This purchase was stress-free and an enjoyable experience."


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