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Building Homes Is What We Do;

Helping Others Is Who We Are.


At the heart of Dorn Homes is a single mission. Improving the lives of all those we touch.

Dorn Cares is a way for our organization to effect meaningful change around us. Dorn Cares allows our employees to share the causes they’re most passionate about. It allows us to connect worthy charities with community members that are looking to volunteer time and resources to support the causes that most affect those around them. In other words,Dorn Cares is community-driven. By connecting community members and focusing our efforts, Dorn Cares will present a platform that can solve problems and provide for others in a way simple financial donations cannot. Embracing that mindset has inspired the first goal for Dorn Cares: ending homelessness in the Quad Cities in 2020. An end to homelessness means an available bed for everyone that wants or needs one.