Access to high-quality healthcare is obviously important to all of us. What role do you see YRMC playing in our community?

We celebrate Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s 75th anniversary in 2018 so YRMC has a long relationship with this region. During the past 75 years, YRMC has grown along with the region, and has remained during this time, the primary provider of healthcare to the communities we serve. Some important milestones along the way include the opening of YRMC’s East Campus in Prescott Valley in 2006 and the James Family Heart Center at YRMC West in 2007. But there certainly have been many accomplishments in YRMC’s 75 year history.

Looking forward, our goal is to continue YRMC’s not-for-profit Mission to ensure that the communities we serve have access to the care they need, when and where they need it. A major emphasis will center on our ability to continue to attract top medical providers to the region. Since opening our first YRMC PhysicianCare medical practice in 2009, we have recruited well over 100 new providers to the area and we now operate 18 multi-specialty practices in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and as far away as Bagdad.

Having well equipped acute care hospitals ready for people when they need them is very important. But we also feel that adding primary and specialty care medical practices throughout the region, close to where people live, is equally important.


What are some of the programs that you feel have had the most positive impact on the community?

When talking about programs that have the greatest impact, it’s easy to point to medical services that people expect to find in a major health system. There’s no doubt that YRMC’s emergency services, surgical programs, breast health programs and neonatal programs – just to name a few – have a tremendous impact the communities we serve. Anytime that someone can receive the care they need, here at home, is important.  

What really makes YRMC stand out however are programs that don’t get the same recognition but have a tremendous impact on our health and quality of life. For instance, YRMC’s Family Resource Center, based in Prescott Valley, has been helping young parents develop important parenting skills for many years. Helping families with young children grow and maximize early child development opportunities is so important to the fabric of our communities and the values we live by.

Partners for Healthy Students is another outstanding example of why not-for-profit healthcare is so important to our region. YRMC’s service area spans 5,500 square miles and the men, women and children that call this area home are very diverse. There are ranching families, farming families and mining families that live in rural places that don’t always have access to healthcare for their children. There are also families in our cities and towns that due to a variety of factors don’t have access or can’t afford healthcare for their children. Partners for Healthy Students has been filling this need for many years by providing free healthcare to children and their siblings through in-school clinics and a state-of-the-art mobile clinic.


As Prescott and the surrounding cities continue to grow, what role do you foresee YRMC playing in that growth?

The obvious answer is healthcare. YRMC is well-positioned to meet the growing needs of the region. More capacity for care is planned for YRMC West in Prescott. YRMC’s East Campus in Prescott Valley is well positioned for growth. YRMC has land holdings north of the Prescott airport to support future growth in that area when it arrives. And as we continue to recruit skilled medical professionals to the area we will continue to move our healthcare services further into the communities we serve.

One role that people often overlook however is the economic impact that YRMC has on the region. People do their homework and healthcare is a primary consideration for most when choosing a community to relocate to. This makes YRMC a catalyst for growth. YRMC is also the largest employer in the region and healthcare professionals tend to earn above-average wages which leads to even greater economic impact. YRMC employees purchase homes, pay taxes, buy groceries, and much, much more. Plus, as a not-for-profit healthcare provider, surplus revenue left over at the end of the year after expenses are met is reinvested in YRMC to bring more services and providers to the area. It really is a very healthy cycle for YRMC and the people who live here.


What programs are you working on now that you hope to be able to offer in the near future?

One of our top priorities will continue to be the recruitment of new providers to our region. This is a significant part of our strategic plan and we will continue our efforts to aggressively support comprehensive human resource acquisition strategies. To support this, we also need to add more office space to give new providers space to practice. With this in mind, we will begin construction of a new medical office complex in the near future on the campus of YRMC West in Prescott.

YRMC’s recent investment in a state-of-the-art hybrid surgical suite continues to benefit our patients in many ways. It’s referred to as “hybrid” because it brings advanced medical imaging technology into an operating room environment. This allows for interventional procedures and surgical procedures to be conducted in the same suite. Through this investment, YRMC is now conducting electrophysiology procedures as well as transcatheter aortic valve replacement. We are also scheduled to introduce a new vascular surgeon to the community later this year who will utilize the advanced technology in the hybrid surgical suite.


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